Heart Health Namibia

Your Heart. Your Choice

About UniCamp

UniCamp is a two-week programme run in Keetmanshoop, southern Namibia, which aims to inspire learners from J.A. Nel School; 10 students from Cardiff University and 8 students from the University of Namibia (UNAM) will join forces to help raise aspirations and encourage the pupils to fulfill their potential.

The programme’s overarching theme is ‘Heart Health Namibia’ –  learners will work with the student ambassadors and be expected to launch a public heart health campaign for Namibia towards the end of the two weeks, using the skills and knowledge acquired. UniCamp will allow learners to participate in four different ‘subject streams’: Healthcare; Computer Science; Journalism and Media; Business and Entrepreneurship.

Organisers hope that the experience will be transformative for the Namibian children, with some progressing to university, as well as benefiting the students taking part.

The initiative is part of Cardiff University’s Phoenix Project, a partnership with UNAM to improve health and reduce poverty in Namibia.

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