A True Life Experience


OMG! What can I say, I’m practically speechless. My time in UniCamp has been sensational, I thought it would be boring but it’s quite the opposite! I have been creating a website and coding the whole day which is quite cool. I have got the opportunity to finally see/observe the Fish River canyon with my on two eyes, it was a dream come true which I didn’t want to wake up from! We have done a lot so far not just in the class but outside as well, we learned a few games, songs and so many more and how to work together to get something done. UniCamp is full of love, we always have a smile on our faces with laughter, passion and dedication but we haven’t forgotten the real purpose of the project which is the health campaign. I have a positive feeling that it’s going to make a change in many people’s lives and I’m very happy that I have been given the opportunity to be part of that change as our saying goes ”a healthy heart is a happy life”. But it won’t end here, there is still more to be witnessed which is the transformation of many Namibians and the world at large this campaign will be a massive success. I mean why wouldn’t it be if we have great tutors who have put all their effort in to it so thank you so much for the hard work and dedication you have placed within us. I’m pleased to have gotten to know you all I hope we meet again…. once again THANK YOU CARDIFF/SOUTHREN CAMPUS UNIVERSITY!



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