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My week was awesome, I had a wonderful time with the students from Cardiff. The students from the the Cardiff University have taught me a lot about about heart disease in the UK. I learnt about smoking, smoking is unhealthy to your body as it may harm you lungs and you may easily get a heart disease. Julia taught us about the heart; the heart has got 4 coronary blood vessels- vena cava, pulmonary, the pulmonary artery and the aorta which is the biggest artery in the body. Also, high blood pressure can be caused by stress and too much salt. Tom taught us all about alcohol and that you can only drink 14 units of alcohol a week. Patrick taught us all about first aid and Nic, Julia, Amy and last but not least John taught us computer science-  it was fun!


Brumilda Asha, 15-years-old, Grade 8

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