Chantel and Kenga’s Blog

We started our morning with games, and after the games we went to our different streams. We were taught about citizen journalism, that anyone can be a journalist you just need to be in the right place at the right time. We decided on a campaign message on how we will reach out to the people and the aims are through educating as well as entertaining and motivating the people of our community. As a journalist I will focus more on social media because it reaches more people, especially the youth because as children we like learning from each other rather than older people. I am very happy with the way the students from Cardiff are treating us, including Scott. Many of us only feel comfortable with our tribe but with them it is the other way round, we are one big family that strives towards empowering each other.

Chantel, 18-years old and Kenga, 17-years old, Grade 11

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