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Coming to UNAM is a good experience to each day of a great morning to a sunset.


“I thought everything would be boring and a waste of time for me but thankfully learning something new everyday makes me feel the guilty about feeling that way” says Tangi.


The Phoenix project brought so much information that we never knew. It has got inspiration, empowerment and is very breath-taking to us. It speeds up our knowledge with a lot of great opportunities. The brought along enjoyable games that we all wanna participate and wanna attend every new activity/workshop taking place at the campus.

“Well I think that the whole aim of the Phoenix project is to teach us more on heart health due to we are losing a lot of souls caused by heart diseases and not only for fun or training Namibia.”


The Phoenix project is a well ongoing school to educate people and make their dreams come true one day in life, actually making work easier for them. It’s a good experience.


Thank you Phoenix Project!

Tangi (Thank You)

Emily, 17-years old, Grade 11



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