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Day 1

There was an opening ceremony where Doctor Naomab was talking about his life and that we should not use our circumstances to determine our future. I really learnt a lot, that you can be what you want to be if you put in effort. We also heard the longest word in welsh, which had 51 letters! We had performances by the JA Nel SSS Cultural group, the Nama. I also made a pledge that I would be one of the students of the campus.


Day 2

We started off with games which was really fun and I was dying of suspense wondering what journalism would be all about. We also talked about heart health where Tom, one of the Cardiff University students, was talking about the heart and why it is difficult to stop smoking.


Day 3

I had more fun because finally my suspense was over, we talked about what journalism is and gave examples. As well, my team mates were good to work with and fun to be around.


Day 4

Was fun because we learnt that anyone can be a journalist and that on social media you can give information faster than newspaper and that most of the youth prefer social media. We also learnt that marketing is to do with advertising.

Maureen, 17-years old, Grade 11

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