Out of my ‘Comfort Zone’

I have spent the last week in the computer science subject stream – despite being a medic with no experience of coding, or anything beyond Microsoft Word for that matter. Nevertheless, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and it has been exciting to develop a new skill alongside the learners. The highlight for me was successfully ‘de-bugging’ my first piece of code. This was a process of trial and error as I had very little idea what I was doing, but, it was great to jump up and down with excitement (together with the learners) when we finally had success. Today I managed to code the questions for the website quizzes – admittedly John managed to belittle this as simply ‘copy and paste’ but it still seemed like a task which would have been impossible at the start of these 2 weeks! I thought my most important role during UniCamp would be leading the public health workshops during the first few days, alongside the other healthcare students. However, I feel that I have gained far more whilst facilitating the computer science sessions. By pushing myself to learn skills in a new field, I have gained a huge amount of respect for the learners from JA Nel. I have found it extremely frustrating at times, to the point where I felt useless and unable to help, but seeing the learners carry on with such positive attitudes has given me the motivation to keep trying. We have all learnt so much from John and Nico, and I am very grateful for their patience! The learners and I will be leaving these workshops not only with valuable computer science knowledge, but with improved confidence when we are next faced with challenging and unfamiliar tasks.

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