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Physical Activity

How can physical activity improve heart function?

  • Capillaries widen
  • Strengthens heart muscle = reduced BP and HR
  • Increases HDL (good) cholesterol

What sort of exercise is most beneficial for my heart?

  • UK guidelines state 19-64 year olds should complete either 150 mins a week of moderate aerobic activity and strength exercise OR 75 mins a week of vigorous aerobic activity OR a mix of both
  • e. 30 mins 5 days a week

Alcohol Can Weaken Your Heart!

If you want a healthy heart you should swap alcohol with non-alcoholic drinks.

By Chantelle Kaffer

I am a 17-year-old girl, I usually play netball and soccer that keeps my body healthy. I wake up early in the morning to run. The more I am running, the more my heart muscle strengthens. When I’m warmed up, blood circulates faster than usual as my muscles need more of the oxygen I am inhaling on that cold morning.

While I am exercising, the capillaries are widening which reduces the risk of a blood clot forming and reduces the risk of heart disease overall. By exercising, my heart becomes stronger. It will pump blood more efficiently to the rest of the body and reduce the blood pressure and heart rate. There are many other people that exercise and they are living a healthy lifestyle, free of stress.

My sister on the other hand is 39 years old. She doesn’t exercise and she eats poorly balanced foods. Each day she drives to work in an office, where she sits all day long. She has high blood pressure and stresses too much because she’s unhappy with her figure. I told her of the dangers and solutions of heart disease. Since telling her, she has started exercising regularly. This has a hugely positive influence on her heart. After just one month of exercise, she lost weight and she feels significantly less stressed. Physical activity has improved the health of her heart but also her mind.

Exercise has the power to prolong and change our lives!

1) According to UK guidelines how many minutes of exercise should be completed per week?'


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